How to Record Internal Audio on MAC Using Soundflower?

How to Record Internal Audio on MAC Using Soundflower

There may have been some occurrences when you wanted to record the internal audio on your Mac computer. One of the most popular ways to do that is by using a third-party app named Soundflower. First, you need to download the application on your device. Afterward, go to the System Preference section, pull out the … Read more

How To Go To Root Directory On Mac?

How to Go to Root Directory in Mac

Have you ever wondered how to go to the Root Directory on a Mac? If you ever need to edit system-level paths, it will help a ton to have some idea about where the path is. So, where is the root directory exactly? There are a few long and short routes for accessing the Root … Read more

How Long Does Thermal Paste Take to Dry? [5-Minute Read]

How Long Does Thermal Paste Take to Dry

In case you’re building a new PC and setting up your processor, you already know what a thermal paste is. However, how long does thermal paste take to dry depends on how much of a thick layer you’re using. Generally, thermal paste will take at least 2 hours to get set and dry. However, this … Read more

Why Does My HP Laptop Keep Freezing – How to Fix?

Why Does My Hp Laptop Keep Freezing

We use laptops to perform tasks on the go, and we expect them to be efficient. This is why it is quite disheartening when your laptop suddenly stops working. What could be the problem? Why does my Hp laptop keep freezing? If these questions are on your mind, you need a solution, and you need … Read more

What Does Resetting Bios Do? (Explained)!

What Does Resetting Bios Do

I find people asking what does resetting Bios do in several tech sites and forums. And in most case, the answers are not well organized and the audiences are still on search. If your one of them give a pause here. Resetting BIOS is a very effective means of troubleshooting hardware challenges. And fixing the … Read more

What CPU Is Compatible With My Motherboard? (Explained)!

What CPU Is Compatible With My Motherboard

If you’ve decided to build your own PC, you’re likely to wonder, “what CPU is compatible with my motherboard?” Can any CPU be installed in any motherboard? Unfortunately, no! It doesn’t matter which pc you are using, you need a motherboard for all kinds of electronic devices, right? Motherboards often affects a computer’s overall performance, … Read more

Why Does My PS4 Turn on by Itself? How to Fix?

Why Does My PS4 Turn on by Itself

PlayStation4 is a game-changer in most homes. People sit on the game for hours without getting tired due to the joy they get from it. So, if this device malfunctions, it calls for worry, especially when it turns on by itself. Normally, you can’t use the PS4 unless you turn it on yourself. So, if … Read more

How Long Does an Imac Last? You Should Know This!

How Long Does an Imac Last

Besides being known for its expensive products, Apple is also known for its high-performance devices. The iMac, the Apple variant of a desktop pc, is well sought after by office workers, students, and just about anybody who likes top-end devices. They come in flashy colors you rarely find on windows pc. If you’ve been looking … Read more

Are Braided Cables Better? You Should Know!

Are braided cables better

Cables are of many types, including twisted cables, coaxial cables, ribbon electric cables, braided cables, etc. All these cables differ in application areas, but some are stronger than others. So, are braided cables better? As much as every cable has its unique essence, braided cables are better. However, braided cables have some downsides, but the … Read more

Why Is Alienware So Expensive? (Details Answer)

Why Is Alienware So Expensive

You probably were just surfing through products on Amazon and stumbled on a gaming PC with an outrageous price. If the product had Alienware attached to its name, then you saw right – their products are way too expensive. But why is Alienware so expensive? Alienware is a brand whose products will leave you in … Read more