Are Braided Cables Better? You Should Know!

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Cables are of many types, including twisted cables, coaxial cables, ribbon electric cables, braided cables, etc. All these cables differ in application areas, but some are stronger than others. So, are braided cables better? As much as every cable has its unique essence, braided cables are better. However, braided cables have some downsides, but the benefits are more.

This article will give you a breakdown of what braided cables are and their advantages. We will also share the difference between braided and non-braided cable, then show you if the braided cable is better. Stay with us through this article to learn.

What Are Braided Cables?

Braided cables have their exterior built into braids to cover the wires and conductors in them. They mostly build them that way to protect the cable from electromagnetic interference (EMI). Also, to enhance the cable flexibility and mechanical strength.

A braided shield of the cable has neatly selected materials interwoven tightly to form a tube that wraps the main cable around. Some of them are round and some flat. This is based on the manufacturer’s preference and packaging style. Aside from the many benefits of a braided cable, it is pleasant to the eyes.

What Materials Are Used for Braided Cables?

There are several materials manufacturers use to make braided cables. Most of them are just for designs, some are based on the manufacturer’s preference, and some are important components. Amongst every other component, the common is silver-plated copper and tinned copper. The other components include:

  • Monel
  • Pure silver
  • Pure nickel
  • Bronze
  • Gold alloys
  • Gold-plated copper
  • Nickel-plated copper

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Equipment That Can Have Braided Cable

  • Cords for peripherals connections. Cords like keyboard cords and mouse wires are in this category.
  • Wired adapters such as HDMI, VGA, and even USB cords.
  • Earphone wires and headset cords.
  • Charger cords. This includes Type C cords and USB cords.
  • Power cords such as pressing iron power cable, hot plate power cable, and lots more.

Difference Between Braided Cables and Non-Braided Cable

The difference between a braided and non-braided cable is glaring. The braided cable has weaved material covering it, while the non-braided cable does not. A plastic covering over the conductor is what the non-braided cable has.

Braided cables last longer than non-braided cables. The reason for this is numerous. The braided cable is more resilient than the no-braided cable. Non-braided cables have one coating, and the braided cable has two, which explains the resilience of both cables.

Are Braided Cables Better?

Braided cables are better for all the uses people have for it. With the many types of cables and preferences out there, it is safe to ask, are braided cables better? We cannot choose the best cable for you; we can only suggest with facts and let you do the picking. The best cable for anyone is the one that matches their preference and is efficient for use.

Are braided cables better

Therefore, with the benefits and advantages braided cables have, we can categorically say it is better than many cables. Let’s take a little time and surf through the advantages of the braided cables to see the edge it has over other cables.

Advantages of Braided Cables?

Protection Against Electromagnetic Interference (EMI)

EMI is everywhere in our midst. It is in the sunlight that shines on us daily, in radio waves, and even on mobile devices. EMI obstructs cable connection signal strength and causes electrical failure or data loss.

The interwoven nature of the braided cable protects the cable from EMI. So, a braided cable can work for a long time.

Cable Strength

The design of the braided cable makes it strong. This is because the design promotes flexibility on the cable and makes it tolerate constant bending and pulling. If a cable can resist wearing and tearing because of steady pulling, it will last long for its strength and endurance.

Also, the double coating of the cable makes it strong. The cable has a plastic coating on the conductors and then the nylon braid on the plastic.

It Is Not Expensive

The most interesting fact about braided cables is that the cost of getting them for any use is not high. Although it is not the cheapest cable you can find, it is cheap for the benefits it offers.


Braided cords are more durable than the others. Many cables get bad when there is flex at either of the ends of the cable. Such occurs on plastic cables, while braided cables do not give room for flex.

Also, braided cables have the braiding nylon over the plastic cover. This is one factor that extends the lifespan of the cable and makes it durable.

Lesser Tendency to Tangle

The braid coating on the cable makes it follow a pattern of bending. It doesn’t let the cable bend to the extent of tangling. This way, the tendency of tangling gets reduced.

Resistance to Animal and Insect Infestation

Manufacturers of braided cables make them with chemicals and other things to resist mildew, molds, and rots. These substances also help the cable resist fungi and animals. This is because some insects and animals chew on cables, and with time, those cables cut or stop working.

Elastic Property

Braids are usually elastic. They allow you to stretch them over the normal size. So, when you draw a braided cable, it will elongate over its normal length. Most times, the difference is not much, but there is always a difference.

Luxury Looks

Although this is not important to some people, many people still want their properties to look nice. Braided cables always look expensive, even if they are mostly not. It has a luxury look that suits whatever purpose the cord is for.

Resistant to Abrasion

There is a high possibility that your cable will rub against a harsh surface. When this happens, the braided nylon on the cable will protect it from scratching. Therefore, it resists abrasion.

Does Not Burn

Braided cables don’t burn but melt. This is an advantage because, with a fire outbreak, you can still recover your cable even if some part would have melted. But, other cables will burn and get damaged before you recover them.

Are Braided Cables More Flexible?

Braided cables are flexible to an extent. Many people doubt the flexibility of braided cables because of the double coating it has. They don’t know that the braided nylon covering the cable gives it room to bend and be flexible. However, we can say that the non-braided cable is more flexible than the braided cable.

Are Braided Cables Better for Headphones?

Braided cables are better for headphones for many reasons. Its durability is the most appealing benefit for headphones. For audiophiles, headphones are a daily essential. They use it almost every day and at every point in time.

Are braided cables better for headphones

So, it will frustrate them if they have to replace their headphones constantly because of the headphone cable. Since braided cables are more durable, we advise audiophiles or music lovers to get headphones with braided cables.


Braided cables are everywhere now. They are in local stores, online stores, and many other places that are easily accessible. Braided cables apply to many types of equipment, and many people think it is better even without facts that prove it.

So, based on facts, are braided cables better? According to the qualities and benefits of braided cables over non-braided cables, we can say that braided cables are better. However, it depends on the application.

I am a professional laptop and computer troubleshooter, tech editor who loves to talk about technology and software. My passion is electronics devices. Follow me on social media.

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