Why Is Alienware So Expensive? (Details Answer)

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You probably were just surfing through products on Amazon and stumbled on a gaming PC with an outrageous price. If the product had Alienware attached to its name, then you saw right – their products are way too expensive. But why is Alienware so expensive?

Alienware is a brand whose products will leave you in awe of their price. This majorly stems from the fact that their products have tons of unmatched features with top quality and performance. If you want to know more about why Alienware is so expensive as a gaming laptop, then keep reading to learn more below.

About Alienware

Alienware was established in 1996 with the name Saikai of Miami, Inc. Founded by Alex Aguilla and Nelson Gonzalez; the company assembles notebooks, desktops, PC gaming consoles, and workstations.

In 2002, Dell made moves to purchase the company. However, they weren’t able to purchase it until March 22, 2006. Despite being a subsidiary of Dell, Alienware still retains regulation of its marketing and designs. Moreover, they stand to benefit from Dell’s supply chain, purchasing power, the economy of sales, thereby lowering its operating costs.

In 2008, Dell made a restructuring that scaled down the XPS brand during the spring. This resulted in the shut down of the production of desktops, with the XPS notebooks as the only remnant. Following this, Alienware, in consolidation with Dell, started the development of gaming PCs.

This made Alienware the premier gaming brand of Dell. Shortly after this, the M17x was released as the leading Alienware/Dell branded system. This release led to the expansion of Alienware’s global spread from 6 to 35 countries. Furthermore, the expansion also saw the growth in Alienware’s supported languages to 17.

Is Alienware Worth It in 2022?

Alienware laptops are built with top-notch design, performance, speed, and quality. If you intend to buy a PC that is still relevant for heavy tasks such as gaming and the likes, then you shouldn’t be worried about the cost of purchasing an Alienware.

The massive 15.6-inch screen will let you enjoy an immersive gaming activity. Furthermore, Alienware laptops come with so many breathtaking features. So, if you intend to spend your money on a PC that will outlast its cost, then Alienware is worth giving the chase.

Why Is Alienware So Expensive?

The Alienware will serve you best with its sleek design and supercooling system. Irrespective of what you intend to do with it, you will get the best results from the product. Continue reading to discover reasons you should give a shot at Alienware despite its being too expensive.

Why Is Alienware So Expensive

Unparalleled Performance

Alienware makes up for its high price with unmatched performance is like. If you’re going to be using the laptop for gaming, then the speed and performance will leave you in awe. Alienware arms its laptops with the most recent i7 and i9 processors. In addition, the voltage regulation is super efficient with as many as 12-phase. With such processors, Alienware laptops can run as many as 16-threads and 8-cores of multithreaded performance.

In the simplest of terms, what this means is that your laptop can run multiple tasks simultaneously. Now you can imagine what you’d be able to do if you had an Alienware sitting on your laps when you’re doing heavy tasks such as editing videos or playing your favorite video games.

Furthermore, they come with a cooling technology known as the advanced Alienware Cryo-Tech. This advanced cooling technology comes with a high voltage driving fan and heat pipes. In addition, it also comes with copper fin stacks that prevent the device from being extremely heated when you’re doing power-intensive tasks.

Moreover, Alienware has optional SSD Raid configurations on their laptop. These configurations allow users to use as high as 4TB. This enables you to get upgrades that allow you to increase your transfer rates and the storage ability of the hard drives. However, this can ruin your computer if done wrongly, making many users decide to overclock their CPUs.

This shouldn’t be a cause of concern since Alienware laptops come with a command center. The command center is located inside the gaming rig and comprises an overclocking control module. With this module, you can effortlessly and easily overclock your laptop.

Eye-Catching Backlight

In addition to the sleek build and design of their gaming laptops, Alienware laptops have a lit keyboard. The RGB backlight of the keyboards adds to the trendy and attractive appearance of their laptops.

Moreover, you can customize the backlight to satisfy your preferences through the command center. Also, this backlight extends to multiple areas on the laptop body. Some of the lit areas include the touchpad, casing edges, keys, ventilation areas, and the brand logo on the laptop’s lid.

What’s more? Some advanced recent Alienware models such as the M17 and M15 allow you to individually customize the lighting color of each key on the keyboard.

Immersive Display

You probably spend most of your time in front of laptops, gaming, or editing videos. If that’s the case, you wouldn’t want to spend hours looking at bland laptop screens with dull displays. This will deprive you of the fun experience users enjoy with super gaming laptops.

Alienware leaves its users with no room for criticism when it comes to the display of their laptops. Advanced models of Alienware, such as the M17, are equipped with FHD displays that have a high refresh rate of 360Hz. This is a pretty impressive feature for a gaming laptop. You can also enjoy 300Hz and 144Hz refresh rates on the inferior M15 Alienware models.

The impressive refresh rate that accompanies Alienware laptops will leave you with no room for wants if you love fast-paced games. Note that you shouldn’t be wasting a laptop with a refresh rate higher than 144Hz for anything other than gaming. That would be overkill.

Remarkable Touchpad and Keyboard

You’ll hardly find a gaming laptop that doesn’t have an impressive keyboard. However, Alienware comes with an exceptional keyboard that takes it to a new level.

Some of the notable features of Alienware keyboards are the 4-zone RGB N-Key rollover anti-ghosting technology it is equipped with. This helps to ensure that all keystrokes are registered. This is an ideal feature, especially for gamers who simultaneously press keystrokes.

Also, the customization setting of the keyboard allows you to adjust the brightness of the light on individual keys on the keyboard. This is made possible by the pre-key AlienFX lighting. In addition, you can assign different colors to different keys on the keyboard.

Furthermore, Alienware comes with a precision-point glass pad that serves as the touchpad. This luxury design allows your fingers to glide over the surface seamlessly. The touchpad on Alienware laptops will give you an exceptional experience compared to other laptops.

Availability of Slots and Ports

Some gamers find it difficult to enjoy gaming on their laptops due to inadequate ports for some enhancement plugins. You probably just discovered that a new laptop you bought doesn’t come with an HDMI port or a space for an SD card reader – that’s not always a good experience.

If you’re going for an Alienware laptop for your gaming, then you don’t have to bother about ports. On Alienware laptops, you’ll find necessary slots and inputs, including Thunderbolt 3port, an HDMI port, an SD card reader slot, USB ports, etc.

Why You Might Not Want to Buy an Alienware?

Even with its top performance, design, and speed, there are also some things you should consider before buying an Alienware laptop. Below are some features that might give you second thoughts about using an Alienware laptop.

Some Reasons Why You Might Not Want to Buy an Alienware

  • Low Battery Life: Gaming laptops are not known for energy economy; it takes a lot of power to make all the extra components they possess function. Alienware pc is no exception. At a measly 3hours estimated battery life, it is expected that this laptop will be plugged into a power supply constantly.
  • It Is Bulky: Gaming laptops like Alienware have extra components that a normal laptop lacks. Components such as advanced cooling systems and pipes, dedicated graphics cards all contribute to its bulkiness. If you want a sleek and portable laptop, Alienware is not for you.
  • They Are Not Suitable for Laptop Use: Gaming laptops attain higher temperatures than normal PCs because of the performance-intensive tasks they handle. Using this system on your lap is uncomfortable as it tends to be hot regularly.
  • High Price: All these high-end components don’t come cheap. Alienware’s are high, with prices starting at $1300.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Brand Are Alienware Laptops?

Alienware is a hardware subsidiary of Dell. It is an American company founded by Alex Aguilla and Nelson Gonzalez in 1996. The company manufactures products enhanced with features specially dedicated to gaming activities.

Is Alienware Overpriced?

You’re right if you believe that Alienware products have a very high price tag. However, rest assured that the value you’ll enjoy will be worth the money you spent purchasing any of their products. The products come with such high quality and performance that they are worth your investment.


Alienware has been rated the best brand for producing gaming laptops. Moreover, you wouldn’t expect such laptops to come with inferior features and components. So if you asked why is Alienware so expensive, you should also consider what it costs to get such high-quality parts coupled into a single device.

To compensate for the high price of Alienware laptops, the devices come with satisfying features that will give you satisfactory gaming or video-editing experience. You’ve seen them in detail; some of the fascinating features of Alienware that make it worth its high cost, go ahead to enjoy the experience.

I am a professional laptop and computer troubleshooter, tech editor who loves to talk about technology and software. My passion is electronics devices. Follow me on social media.

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