How To Remove Battery From Lenovo Laptops?

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Over the last few days, I found a lot of questions on the internet about how to remove batteries from Lenovo laptops. Finally, I decided to write a blog post on the topic.

Well, lithium-ion and lithium polymer batteries are currently very popular worldwide. And this type of battery is primarily used in almost every kind of laptop, computer, and nearly all electrical devices.

Although lithium-ion and lithium polymer batteries are capable of meeting daily tasks, such batteries have many drawbacks and limitations as well. For example, this type of battery can only be charged a certain number of times.

When charged at a maximum of three to four thousand times, the battery’s charge holding capacity gradually decreases. Moreover, a lithium battery can easily be destroyed if overcharged or discharged for a short period.

Sometimes you may need to temporarily remove your battery if your laptop hangs or there are some issues in your laptop’s power management system. So, you may have to remove your laptop’s battery for many reasons.

Today we will learn how you can remove battery from your Lenovo laptop and get it done correctly. We will also try to make you understand how to keep your laptop battery effective for a long time and some of the primary working fundamentals of a laptop battery.

Types of Laptop Batteries

Generally, two types of batteries used in laptops:

  1. Internal laptop batteries
  2. And external laptop batteries

External Battery Removal Method

Lenovo currently uses external batteries in almost all newer versions of laptops. This feature also helps Lenovo laptops last longer. The main reason is that this type of battery removal process is much more straightforward and does not even require any extra tools.

External Battery Removal Method

External batteries are usually attached to the bottom back part of the laptop and can be easily separated from the laptop without any complexity.

So if you have an external battery in your laptop and want to remove it, then simply buy a new battery of your laptop battery model and replace the old one easily by simply installing the new battery.

Special Warning

Before removing the battery from your laptop, ensure that your laptop is turned off and all electrical connections are disconnected. Otherwise, it can cause unintended accidents like short circuits or software crashes.

Internal Battery Removal Method

The process of removing an internal laptop battery is relatively complicated. In this case, the laptop battery is located inside the back case of the laptop.

Internal Battery Removal Method

And for that, you may need some tools like a screwdriver and opener. However, with special care, you can do this work yourself.

Let’s take a look at the steps of the internal battery removal process.

Step-1:  Turn off your laptop and disconnect it from the electrical connection To avoid unexpected accidents like short circuits.

Step-2: Flip the laptop backward and unscrew the back case of the laptop with a screwdriver.

Step-3: Remove the external DVD drive case, in case your laptop has one.

Step-4: Carefully remove the back case of your laptop with the help of an opener.

Step-5: Find the laptop’s internal battery at the top or bottom panel.

Step-6: Find the screw that keeps the battery in place with the bottom part of the laptop and unscrew it.

Step-7: Install the new battery.

Step-8: Assemble everything as it was before. And screw the back case.

Step-9: You have done your job successfully.

Special Warning

In some cases, the back case of the laptop is attached with a lot of inter-hard-wear connection cables, which can be torn while opening the laptop.

So be very careful when opening the back case so that the wires remain intact And you’re not in too much of a hurry.

5 Ways to Boost Laptop Battery Durability

  1. Avoid overcharging laptop battery to avoid reducing the battery lifespan
  2. Set balanced power and brightness mood
  3. Never discharge completely
  4. Turn off wireless (WiFi, Bluetooth) connections
  5. Use an external cooling fan to avoid battery draining.

Final Words

Well, there you have it people. Now that you’ve got a clear understanding on how to remove battery from Lenovo laptops.

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