How To Power An Xbox One Without A Brick?

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Like all other electric machines, Xbox One also requires a power brick transformer to get power from the AC socket. However, power bricks can sometimes get damaged or lost. And, in that particular situation, what would you do?

Do you know how to power an Xbox One without a brick? Well, in case you own an Xbox One, you should have a clear idea of this topic.

Unfortunately, you cannot power an Xbox One without any brick. The trick here is to use third-party aftermarket power bricks. However, you can also be a bit creative and use The power brick from your Xbox 360 S as well. 

Feeling a bit down knowing you’ll need a brick anyway? Luckily for you, we have provided just the right instruction here for you to power your Xbox One without the native power brick. To learn more about it in greater detail, navigate through the below discussion.

Powering An Xbox One Without The Native Brick

Firstly, we would like to tell you that the best way to go is to use the native brick of your Xbox One for as long as you can. Therefore, if your Xbox One power brick is still operational, you should take good care of it.

How To Power An Xbox One Without A Brick

Now, let’s talk about how we can power an Xbox One even without the native brick. Basically, there are 2 ways you can power on your Xbox One when you have lost or damaged your native brick:

Method-1: Using A Third Party (Aftermarket) Power Brick

Once you have damaged your native power brick, your best bet is to go after a good quality aftermarket power brick. Now, don’t worry, looking for a good quality power brick is not all that hard.

On top of that, for your convenience, we have recommended 3 of the best Xbox One power bricks here just for you. So, go over these and choose a third-party power brick for your Xbox One. That way, you can stay worry-less even if you don’t have an operational power brick.

1. UKor Xbox AC Adapter – Best Overall

The UKor power brick is a fully trustworthy option for you as a third-party power brick for the Xbox One. It’s got an excellent noise cancellation mechanism. As a result, it can perform very efficiently without irritating you with disturbing noise in your gaming time.
UKor Xbox AC Adapter Replacement Charger Power Cord Cable

On top of that, the cooling fan provided for the noise cancellation also works as a perfect heat exhauster. This means it’s ensured that this power brick won’t get heated very easily. Therefore, it’s a perfectly safe device to use.

Moreover, this brick has a lot of miscellaneous features such as short circuit protection and excess current protection.

Also, the manufacturer has provided anti-spark wires in these power bricks as well. So, you can safely play all your games when this power break is connected to your Xbox.

2. YAEYE Power Supply Brick for Xbox One – Best Universal Power Brick

In case you want a power brick that is fully compatible with all AC power socket types from all over the world, this is the product you should look into. Its specialty is that it works with the power frequency of all the countries in the world (such as Japan, Korea, the United States, China, the UK, etc.)
Power Supply Brick for Xbox One with Power Cord

Also, this power brick comes with convenient LED indicators. As a result, you can instantly identify if the power brick is on direct power or standby mode. That, in turn, makes this power brick very convenient for even a new user.

Furthermore, as this power brick is only suitable for the Xbox One (not compatible with Xbox X and Xbox S), it has full synchronization in electricity transfer with the Xbox One model. Therefore, it’s a perfectly compatible power transformer dedicated only to the Xbox One.

3. Yccsky Power Supply Brick for Xbox One – Best in Budget

If you are a bit concerned about budget, we’ve got such an aftermarket power brick for you that provides all the premium features in a budget-friendly price segment. It’s the YCCSKY power supply brick for Xbox One. As this flower break is dedicated to the Xbox One model only, it provides nearly the same performance as the native brick.
YCCSKY Power Supply Brick for Xbox One

In addition to that, this power brick comes with 24-hour customer care service. That means whenever you face a problem using this device (although it’s very unlikely), you will always have someone by your side to instantly help you out.

Moreover, this power brick comes with excellent noise cancellation technology. Consequently, you can play games without getting disturbed by machine-like noises from your power break.

Also, the noise-canceling mechanism comes with a powerful exhaust fan. And, the fan contributes as a splendid fast cooling machine for this power brick as well.

Method-2: Using The Native Power Break Of Xbox 360 S

If you are an Xbox fan, then it is very likely that you have the previous console from the Xbox manufacturer as well (the Xbox 360 S). If you have the Xbox 360 S, you can take the native power brick from that console and use it on your Xbox One.

Luckily, the hardware specifications of the power bricks from the Xbox One and the Xbox 360 S are the same. Therefore, they are interchangeable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the Xbox One without a power brick?

No, you cannot use your Xbox One gaming console without its power brick.

The power brick is a transformer unit that converts AC power from the wall socket into DC power. And, the DC power is provided to the Xbox One console. Therefore, the Xbox One cannot operate without getting DC power from a power brick.

What should I do If my Xbox One power cord is damaged?

Do not worry! You can buy an aftermarket power cord for your Xbox One. If you purchase any non-polarized 18 AWG 125 volt AC power cord, it will be fully compatible with your Xbox One.

Can I use the power cord from my PC for my Xbox One power brick?

Yes, it’s definitely possible. If you accidentally damage your Xbox One power cord, you can use the power cord from your PC’s power supply (it’s because they’re interchangeable).


As you can see in the above discussion, the only way to power an Xbox One without a power brick is to buy a new power brick or use a power brick from other devices.

Now, if you want to buy the original native power brick of the Xbox One, it will cost you about $60 to $70. However, If you follow our instructions above and buy an aftermarket power brick, it will only cost you about $20 to $30. So, go ahead and check out our recommended products right now!

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