How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Laptop Screen?

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Accidents happen. And if it’s something to do with something as delicate as a laptop screen, there isn’t much you can do about it. Now, you might be thinking if this is the case, then how much does it cost to replace a laptop screen?

To put it simply, how much you’ll have to pay to replace a laptop screen varies from market to market due to the size, brand, and quality. In a nutshell, the price of a laptop screen depends completely on whether you are going to repair it professionally or by yourself.

A professional repair will cost on average around 300 USD. On the other hand, if you buy the screen online and repair it by hand; it could be anywhere between 50-100 USD.

Mind you, if you have an expensive laptop, it will cost you more than a regular laptop. However, if your whole screen is broken, then the whole display screen needs to be changed. Don’t waste your money by changing the whole panel.

So, without wasting any more time, let’s get right into the details!

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Laptop Screen?

When repairing a laptop screen, there are two types of costs that need to be understood- Typical cost and Additional cost.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Laptop Screen

Typical Cost

The typical cost refers to the actual cost price of the laptop screen. If you take the laptop to a professional, you will need to make payments depending on the degree of damage.

For instance, a simple crack wouldn’t cost more than 50 USD. On the other hand, if the damage to your screen is beyond a certain point, you will need to change the entire screen to a new one.

If you are still under a warranty, manufacturers will replace the old screen with a new one for free.

But, if you don’t have the warranty, then you might need to pay full price for it. Remember, the typical price for a screen is usually about two-thirds of the cost of the entire laptop.

Official manufacturers usually charge consumers around 200-600 USD for a screen depending on the brand.

For instance, Toshiba costs around 300 USD for their LED screen, whereas Apple charges around 200 USD for screens without any retina displays. The ones with retina displays are even more in price.

If you decide to buy the screen unofficially from eBay or other similar 3rd person selling sites, you could get them for a lot cheaper.

Additional Costs

Additional costs refer to the repair price for laptop screens. The amount that you will be paying for the repair depends on where you are going to repair it.

Professional mechanics will charge you around 200-300 USD added to the cost of the screen. Mechanics from unofficial stores can charge around 50-100 USD.

If you decide to fix the screen by yourself, you won’t need to pay anything other than the cost of the tools needed for fixing it. All around, the tools would cost around 20-50 dollars.

Laptop Screen Cost According To Brand

Below, we have a table with the expected rate for screens depending on some of the major laptop brands in the world. Do note that these prices are only applicable for certain laptop screens along with the brand models.

Laptop Screen Cost According To Brand

Brand Average Cost
Dell 35 to 115 USD for regular screens
Lenovo 40 to 75 USD for screens without LED
HP 200-500 USD for LCD screens
Apple 200 USD for screens without retina display
Asus 100-300 USD for LED screens
Samsung 60 to 200 USD for full HD LED screens

Why Do Laptop Screens Break?

The screen-breaking phenomenon commonly represents the shattering of the entire screen. In reality that is only part of it. Even a cracked screen is under this phenomenon. While full-screen shattering is rare, a cracked screen isn’t.

Why Do Laptop Screens Break

If you are thinking that laptop screens cannot be salvaged because people rarely break their laptops, then you are wrong.

There is a high amount of demand for additional laptop screens in the world due to how common the occurrence is. Furthermore, the supply might not always be enough to meet the demand.

Laptop screens can break for a variety of reasons, whether they are in human control or not. Some of these reasons are as follows:

  • Some manufacturers are known to provide a low-quality screen that will show signs of crack after a slight external contact.
  • Faulty hinges caused by unnatural positioning of laptop.
  • Accidental small cracks can spread all around the monitor.
  • A spilled liquid that cannot be wiped away easily.
  • Faulty screen circuits.
  • Cracking over time.
  • End of Shelf-life as rated by manufacturers.

How To Prevent Your Laptop Screen From Breaking?

Being careful of where and how you use your laptop is possibly the best precaution that you can take to prevent your laptop screen from breaking.

How To Prevent Your Laptop Screen From Breaking

While you can’t prevent time from breaking your screen, you can prevent ones that are caused by humans.

One way that you can prevent your laptop from breaking easily is by not applying too much force when closing the hinges. Furthermore, you can also make sure to wipe your laptop screen clean frequently. When cleaning, do it gently with a light wipe.

More so, when you use your laptop, never hit your laptop screen or spill any liquids. Not only could this decrease the overall visibility of the screen, but it could also affect the circuits inside the screen.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it worth fixing a laptop screen?

Whether your laptop screen is worth the fix or not completely depends on how expensive your laptop is.

For instance, if your laptop costs a fortune, then it is better to fix the old screen rather than replace the entire laptop.

On the other hand, laptop screens do cost a lot. So if your laptop doesn’t cost a lot; you can opt to buy a new one as long as you can afford it.

Can I fix a broken laptop screen by myself?

Absolutely Yes! You can fix your laptop screen as long as you can fix the laptop screen by yourself. However, do note that you will be required to have the appropriate tools with you.

Also, if you need to replace the entire screen, you should purchase a screen that can meet the requirements of your laptop.

The cost of a screen from 3rd party sellers from eBay and other similar sites can be around 20-50 USD.


Well, there you have it, people. Now you know how much it costs to replace a laptop screen.

It doesn’t matter if you can’t afford to hire a mechanic or the official screen. As long as you have the right tool, you could purchase an unofficial screen and replace the old screen by yourself.

So, what are you waiting for? If you have a broken screen, you can fix it right away. It is very inconvenient to use a laptop with a broken or shattered screen after all!

I am a professional laptop and computer troubleshooter, tech editor who loves to talk about technology and software. My passion is electronics devices. Follow me on social media.

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