Why Is My Gaming Laptop So Slow? 5 Ways To Fix It Today!

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Wondering why is your gaming laptop so slow? I know; nothing is more aggravating than having your gaming laptop run slowly in which you have invested so much money. Then you take it to a service facility, not knowing why it is slow, and you end up spending more money on it.

I can speak from personal experience when I didn’t understand why my gaming laptop was slowing down and went to a service shop. Little did I know back then is that this issue can be fixed quite easily by myself. Moreover, a gaming laptop often slows down due to a lack of maintenance.

So, how do we go about solving this problem? Don’t worry; I will walk you through each step to make your gaming laptop run as fast as the wind!

Why Is My Gaming Laptop So Slow?

I did a lot of studies to identify some of the most common causes of a slow gaming laptop. These are the five reasons why your gaming laptop is running slow:

Why Is My Gaming Laptop So Slow

1. Overheating

This is the most prevalent issue that players encounter. Gamers are well-known for playing and streaming for long periods.


It inhibits airflow, and the heat generated on the inside might lead to thermal throttling. This causes your Laptop to overheat, which can eventually cause it to slow down.

2. Slow Internet Speed

Faster internet speed is a prerequisite for streaming or playing high-quality online games. You should also pay attention to if your internet is slow solely on your laptop or on all of your household’s devices.

Internet speed is slow for online gaming

If your laptop is the only one that is slow, you should check your hard drive or memory space.

3. Laptop is Connected to Several External Devices

Many users connect their laptops to other devices such as televisions or desktops to gain a larger screen for gaming. This, on the other hand, has the potential to slow down the original processor to which your game is linked, resulting in your gaming laptop lagging.

Your Laptop is connected to several external devices

4. Unnecessary Programs Running in the Background

Most gamers prefer to run software other than the game itself in the background. Some may like to listen to music, while others may wish to stream it live on a website or be on a live call with their online players.

These software cause your Laptop to slow down, resulting in your laptop slowing down.

5. Viruses have Infiltrated Your Gaming Laptop

Viruses have the potential to eat a significant amount of memory on your laptop, leaving fewer resources for other programs to use. As a result, your Laptop will slow down.

Viruses have infiltrated your gaming laptop

Until now, we’ve spoken about the topic of “why is my gaming laptop so slow.” Now we’ll talk about how to address the difficulties with the laptop being slow.

5 Ways To Fix A Gaming Laptop Running Slow

Following the reasons your gaming laptop slows down, I’ve devised a few key ways to resolve your laptop problems.

1. Get an excellent cooling mechanism for your Laptop

As I explained before, overheating is one of the primary reasons why your gaming laptop slows down. You’ll need a robust cooling system for your Laptop to address the overheating problem.

Get an excellent cooling mechanism for your Laptop

Simply place them on your table and place your Laptop on top of them, and the cooling system will take care of the rest. You can play for hours without overheating your device with this.

2. Update your Laptop’s drivers

Your Laptop will run more smoothly with updated drivers. If you haven’t updated your driver in a while, it’s critical to do so since gaming laptops might get sluggish over time.

Update your Laptop’s drivers

It is possible that one does not have the financial means to purchase new computers. As a result, make sure to keep it up to date, especially the graphics card. It will increase the performance of your Laptop and provide you with additional functions.

3. Make sure you are using the right graphics card for your Laptop

Some graphics cards will not work with your Laptop. Before buying a graphics card, be sure it works with your Laptop and that it meets all of its other requirements.

As a result, a thorough study of the gadget you’re buying is essential. You should go for a dedicated graphics card for better performance.

4. Run windows defender or other sorts of virus protector for your Laptop

Antivirus software is necessary for your Laptop since it aids in the removal of viruses that cause your Laptop to slow down.

Run windows defender or other sorts of virus protectors for your Laptop

It will safeguard your Laptop against viruses and inform you if a virus has infiltrated.

5. Get a faster internet connection

A fast internet connection is essential for live broadcasting or playing online games to hours end. Faster internet ensures you don’t lose any graphics quality or face higher pings.

Get a faster internet connection

For your specific gaming laptop, WiFi extenders or cable internet are recommended. This way, you’ll have the best connection possible without worrying about your internet going out in the middle of a game or being sluggish.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my gaming laptop so slow even though it has a sound graphics card?

The issue here is not whether you have a good or bad graphics card. The issue is most likely due to an incompatibility between your Laptop’s specs and the graphics card you purchased.

As a result, first, learn about your laptop’s requirements before purchasing a graphics card that will work with it.

Why does my laptop start to slow down after an hour of gaming?

Overheating, using many external apps in the background, and having viruses on your computer are all possible causes of a slow gaming laptop.

How can I keep my laptop cool while gaming?

Purchase a decent cooling system. It is incredibly easy to use. In the methods section, I have outlined how to use it.

Should I leave my gaming laptop plugged in?

It is advised that you keep your laptop charger on for optimal performance. It is, however, advisable to disconnect it when not in use. Keep it plugged in when using it because gaming laptops consume a lot of power.

Why does my laptop run games on an intel graphics card?

One explanation might be that you are utilizing the integrated GPU instead of the stated GPU or setting the integrated GPU as the default in the settings. Updating the graphics card can also help it run discrete graphics.

How to extend the battery life on a gaming laptop?

Reduce the number of programs and don’t let it overheat by doing many things at once. Use lower-wattage battery packs to charge your laptop as well.


With proper knowledge, you will most definitely be able to overcome any problem and resolve it too. As much as it can be to find your expensive laptop slow, you can surely find ways to fix it too.

Every gamer is irritated by the question “why is my gaming laptop so slow?” I hope that this article will assist you in determining the reasons and consequences of your Laptop’s slowness, as well as the ways to resolve even minor issues with your Laptop.

I am a professional laptop and computer troubleshooter, tech editor who loves to talk about technology and software. My passion is electronics devices. Follow me on social media.

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