PS Vita Won’t Connect To PC [5 Minutes Solution]

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The PS Vita is a great handheld gaming console to spend time with. Although not as popular as Sony’s original PSP, many gaming enthusiasts still love to keep the PS Vita at their disposal.

One advantage PS Vita has is that you can connect it to a large screen, such as a PC for better gaming experience. But what if your PS Vita won’t connect to your PC? What to do then?

Well, the simple solution to this is to reset your PS Vita and PC drivers. But, that’s not all that you can do.

For your convenience, we have arranged a series of solutions that you can try out if your PS Vita is not connecting to your PC. Also, you’ll get a brief idea of why this problem is occurring.

 Just go ahead and read this discussion till the end.

PS Vita Won’t Connect To PC [6 Probable Solutions]

Because the PS Vita is a highly capable and modern handheld gaming console, it comes with compatible software (QCMA – cross-platform content manager assistant) for connecting it to a PC.

PS Vita Won't Connect To PC

Using this software, you can easily install or uninstall games on your PS Vita. Or, you can export or import files from your console as well.

But, sometimes the PS Vita won’t connect to the PC. As a result, it becomes a hugely frustrating problem for the user.

That’s why we have arranged a few solutions to this problem, so you don’t have to go through a miserable user experience because of this. Take a look.

1. Using The Authentic CMA

One of the simple methods that you should try out (before trying any other solutions) is to use the authentic version of CMA. More specifically, as CMA stands for Content Manager Assistant, it manages and manipulates the files in the PS Vita’s storage.

So, installing the authentic version of CMA is the first thing to do when you face connection problems in your PS Vita.

2. Updating The Firmware And Driver

Another thing you can do to solve the connection problem is to update the PS Vita to its latest firmware version.

Sometimes there are bugs in the firmware. That’s why manufacturers keep updating their devices by sending out updated firmware. This way, they can easily and consistently keep solving the box in the system.

Now, if your PS Vita is facing connection issues because of software, you can rest assured that a software update will give you just the solution you need.

3. Resetting Or Formatting PS Vita

Along with the above-mentioned steps, you should also try resetting our formatting for the PS Vita.

Sometimes software issues and unknown inconveniences can be solved by resetting the device.

Resetting Or Formatting PS Vita

It’s because, when a device is in its factory settings, it is easy to troubleshoot its problems. So, don’t hold back from resetting or formatting your PS Vita if it’s not connecting to your PC.

4. Uninstalling And Reinstalling QCMA

If the connection problem is occurring because of your QCMA (cross-platform content managing assistant), uninstalling and reinstalling the QMCA can solve the problem.

Why? It’s because QCMA Is the software that manages the contents of PS Vita. So, it is the gateway for connecting your PS Vita to your PC.

Uninstalling And Reinstalling QCMA

Therefore, one of the first and foremost steps that you should take when your PS Vita is not connecting to the PC is to uninstall the QCMA from your PC, restart your PC, and reinstall the QCMA.

5. Installing The CMA Driver With Lilusb0

In the process of uninstalling the QCMA driver and installing it, here’s another thing you can do. You can install the CMA driver with Lilusb0. To do that, you’ll need to first uninstall the existing QCMA driver from your PC.

Then, you need to restart your PC to make it prepared for installing the QCMA drivers.

Now, in the time of reinstalling the QCMA again, select the lilusb0 as your driver. Remember, although this solution is not common, it might be helpful in some cases.

6. Get Rid Of Hacked Or Jailbroken Firmware

If you have hacked or jailbroken Your PS Vita, it might have a compatibility issue with your PC. That’s why one of the most effective solutions for connection problems is to get rid of any hacks and jailbroken firmware (if your PS Vita has one).

Get Rid Of Hacked Or Jailbroken Firmware

We understand that jailbreaking the PS Vita gives a huge range of facilities to a user, but sometimes it creates a problem when connecting to the PC as well.

Therefore, go ahead and get the stock firmware installed in your PS Vita.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Method of Connecting My Ps Vita Is Best Suited?

The best method for connecting your PS Vita to your computer is through a USB data cable. The USB cable has a much faster upload and download rate. So, it can easily facilitate faster file transfer than Wi-Fi.

Can PSP Games Run in A PS Vita System?

Yes, you can use a software by the name Adrenaline (by TheOfficialFlow). It facilitates an emulator for running PSP games in a PS Vita system.

Although PSP games are not officially supported on PS Vita, taking advantage of an emulator to run PSP games is very much possible.

Does the PS Vita Support Games from Older Consoles?

Yes, most games that were developed for PlayStation 1, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, and PSP are digitally downloadable in PS Vita.

However, you might have to use an emulator to run actual ISO files of old consoles in the PS Vita.

But, emulating an ISO file is not a straightforward way of playing old games. Instead, you can just use the PS Store to download the games that were released for the older consoles.


As you can see in the above discussion, your PS Vita might temporarily won’t connect to your PC. But, there’s no reason to think that this problem can not be solved. One of the most common solutions to this is to reset the PS Vita and the drivers.

However, if none of the solutions above work in your favor, you should contact the customer care support of PS Vita to get additional information on how to tackle this problem. Best of luck!!

I am a professional laptop and computer troubleshooter, tech editor who loves to talk about technology and software. My passion is electronics devices. Follow me on social media.

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