How to Make a Stolen Laptop Untraceable? Details Guide!

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There are many cases of persons in police custody who have been accused of stealing a laptop. In some cases, they probably borrowed the laptop from a thief and were just in possession of the laptop when the actual owners were on the hunt for their stolen laptop.

Purchasing second-hand laptops from black market sellers can also be a very easy way of getting into trouble with the police. What if the laptop you bought was stolen from someone else? So, if you just discovered you have a stolen laptop in your possession, don’t panic; we’ve got you covered.

In this article, we’ll show you how to make a stolen laptop untraceable. You’ll also learn how programmers keep their laptops shielded from follows and hackers. Read more below.

Can You Make a Stolen Laptop Untraceable?

If you have a stolen laptop in your possession, or you unknowingly bought a stolen second-hand laptop, you can make it untraceable. The most effective way is by disconnecting the laptop from every network it was previously connected to.

How to Make a Stolen Laptop Untraceable

Your smart devices have an IP address that makes it possible for you to access the internet using the device. Mind you; mobile phones also have an IP address assigned to them. The IP address makes it possible for every action you carry out on the internet to be tracked back to your device.

When you have the laptop disconnected from network connections, it’s impossible to track the laptop using the internet. You can also use a proxy server to shield your device’s IP address if you’re trying to stay anon while surfing the web or keeping your device untrackable.

Several people are becoming aware of the possibility of making a stolen laptop untraceable. Some now put in measures that could help them to track a stolen laptop with its serial number.

How to Make a Stolen Laptop Untraceable

If you have a stolen laptop in your possession, then you should consider getting rid of it to avoid complications when you’re caught. Moreover, if you consider keeping the laptop, then you should take some precautionary measures to keep the laptop untraceable.

How to Make a Stolen Laptop Untraceable

Follow the steps we will be sharing below to learn how you can safely use a stolen laptop without complications.

Use Proxy Servers if You Must Browse the Internet

Every laptop or smartphone has an IP address that enables it to browse the internet. Also, every device has a unique IP address that can be used to track all activities carried out on the internet using the device. Mac laptops also have their unique Mac addresses assigned to them.

Use Proxy servers if you must browse the internet

If you have a stolen laptop, then you should avoid being connected to any network. That can be a very difficult thing to do since the internet basically everything such a device needs. In that case, we recommend that you use a proxy server.

A proxy server helps to mask your IP address, making it possible to surf the web undetected. All you have to do is copy any IP address from the available providers and paste it into your web browser. Some available websites you can get proxy servers for your stolen laptop include Hidester, Free Proxy list, Geonode, etc.

Get Strong Encryption for Your Keystrokes

Anyone using a laptop, whether stolen or not, needs to have their keystrokes encrypted. This is because your laptop may have keyloggers that may grant a hacker access to data saved on the laptop. Just in case you’re wondering, keyloggers are activity-monitoring software.

They keep important information such as your IP address, your default web browser, sites you’ve visited with the device, open ports, etc. Don’t be surprised; hackers, security agencies, and even your office can gain access to these keyloggers.

This means that personal data you enter on the internet could be leaked to unauthorized parties without your permission. A good software you can use to guard against such is the Keyscrambler.

Vp Ns Can Also Help You to Surf the Internet Undetected

If you intend to stay anon while browsing the internet, you can also do so using a VPN. It further helps you to make the laptop remain untraceable on the internet; VPNs will enable you to access websites that are restricted from internet users in your geographic location.

VPNs can also help you to surf the internet undetected

Furthermore, you can get some free VPNs as well as paid ones. However, we recommend that you go for the paid ones since the free ones might easily end up failing you. Some of the available VPN apps available include Node VPN, Surfshark, CyberGhost VPN, Express VPN, IPVanish, etc.

Disable the Device Location in The Settings Menu

This also applies to stolen phone users. Once you discover you bought a stolen laptop and stood the risk of being tracked, the first thing you should do is switch off the laptop’s location. Also, note that the steps for turning off your laptop location differ from the operating system running on the laptop.

Disable the device location in the settings menu

Switching your device location on windows differs from mac devices but has the same effect. You can play around with the stolen laptop’s setting to find the location setting. If this doesn’t work for you, we recommend running a web search for guides that can help you turn it off. Note that you must include what type your laptop is when running the search.

Moreover, note that some apps on the laptop might be reporting the laptop’s location independently. Simply go to the laptop’s settings menu and look for what applications use the device location. When you find them, all you have to do is turn off the feature.

Switch the Anti-Theft Feature on The Stolen Laptop Off

Another setting you should ensure you turn off is the anti-theft feature that comes with most modern laptops. Simply hop into the laptop BIOS, then locate and turn off the anti-theft feature. Note that some laptops don’t have it clearly spelled; you might find stuff like Intel AT.

If the BIOS is secured using a password, you’ll need to use a motherboard jumper to reset it. As an alternative, you can remove the BIOS battery then wait for about 30 seconds before replacing them. This process can be very demanding, but you need to do it – take your time with it. It will be worth the effort in the long run.

Swap the Mac OS for Windows

If you have a stolen laptop that is a Mac device, it’s just a matter of seconds for your location to be revealed after a theft report has been made. All data contained in any Mac OS device are linked to the cloud, making such gadgets highly secure. If you have a stolen laptop that operates on a Mac operating system, it’s impossible to make your stolen laptop untraceable.

Therefore, the first thing to do after you discover you bought a stolen Mac device is to switch the operating system to Windows. You can do this using an OS installer. Having done that, you shouldn’t be worried about your stolen Mac laptop pinging your location to the cloud.

Cover the Camera of Your Stolen Laptop when Not in Use

You may have unknowingly clicked on a phishing link that is now using your laptop camera. This is commonly used by hackers to spy on you whenever your laptop’s camera is turned on. In the same vein, the owner of the laptop probably installed such software on the stolen laptop before it was stolen.

This makes it possible for your picture to be taken while you’re using the stolen laptop. Joshua Kaufman, for example, used this technology to take photographs of his laptop’s thief, Muthanna Aldebashi. To avoid such spy activities, we recommend that you always have your laptop’s camera covered when not in use. You can uncover it whenever you need the camera.

Avoid Services that Reveal Your Location

Some apps and services like Google and Microsoft are easy ways to blow your cover. Google creates an internet profile on you, making it possible always to know where you are through your devices connected to the internet. They can also reveal such information to anyone knowledgeable enough.

If you just got a stolen laptop, then apps such as Google Chrome, Keep, Gmail, Hangout, Duo Search, and so on should be avoided. Such apps can be easily used to know your location. Also, similar services like Microsoft, Facebook, and the likes have access to your location.

Notably, Microsoft uses a system that grants government agencies access to the information you save on their database.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can a Stolen Laptop Be Tracked with Its Serial Number?

Despite many claiming that you can track a stolen laptop using its serial number, it’s not a guarantee. The serial number is used alongside other information about the laptop for tracking. If the only detail you have for tracking your stolen laptop is its serial number, then you should save yourself the stress.

Can I Trace My Stolen Mac Using Its Mac Address?

Your mac address comprises a set of digits hard-coded on your mac device. Unlike the IP address, it is almost impossible to track a stolen laptop using its mac address. However, this is only possible if the thief gets on the same LAN after you’ve reported a case of theft to the network administrator.

Can i Track a Stolen Laptop Using An IP Address?

Your laptop has a unique IP address assigned to it. This address reveals the location of the laptop whenever it is used to surf the internet. This means that the IP address of a stolen laptop can be used to trace the laptop. Moreover, some software also makes your stolen laptop traceable if you misplaced it, or it got stolen.


You may end up buying a stolen laptop from a black-market vendor. After all, your chances of knowing the laptop you bought was stolen are narrow. Turning yourself in to the police might be the last thing you want to do, considering how much you spent purchasing the laptop. So, if you want to know how to make a stolen laptop untraceable, follow the tips we’ve shared above.

A very important thing you should strive to keep concealed is the IP address of the stolen laptop. Also, if you’re keeping a stolen mac laptop, then your chances of being caught are high. In that case, change your Mac OS to a Windows OS using an OS installer. Mac devices are always connected to the cloud, making them highly traceable.

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