How to Connect Ps3 to Internet Through Laptop: The Ultimate Guide

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There are several reasons why you’d want to connect your PS3 to the Internet via your laptop. Whatever the reason is, this article shows you how to connect ps3 to the Internet through Laptop.

You can make a connection through a wireless connection (Wi-Fi connection). Alternatively, you can connect both devices through a wired (Ethernet) connection.

After connecting your PS3 to the Internet using your laptop, you can download whatever you want. That said, this guide shows you how to make that a possibility.

Additionally, we consider what tools you’d need to connect your PS3 to the Internet using a laptop. If you’re ready, then let’s continue.

Can You Connect Ps3 to Internet through Laptop?

You can connect your Play Station 3 console to the Internet using your laptop. As we’ve earlier stated, you can either do so using a wireless medium (Wi-Fi) or a wired medium (using an Ethernet connection).

Although older models of the PS3 consoles couldn’t connect to the Internet wirelessly, the recent and newer versions now enable you to connect them to the Internet without using a wired medium.

Check this video out to learn how to connect your PS3 to the Internet through Laptop-

How to Connect Ps3 to Internet through Laptop?

While you can still enjoy playing your PS3 without an internet connection, you might still want to know how to connect ps3 to the Internet through Laptop.

One of the odd but interesting reasons why you might want to do this is to compete against players globally on the Internet.

So, let’s proceed.

Things You Will Need

The Things you will need to connect your PS3 to the Internet through a laptop include the following:

Now you have these, let’s consider the steps to connect ps3 to the Internet through the laptop below.

How to Connect Ps3 to Internet through WiFi / WLAN

To get started with this process, here are the steps on what to do:

Set up Your Play Station 3

  • Step 1: Power on Your Play Station.
  • Step 2: Power on the PS3 Controller.
  • Step 3: Navigate to Settings and enter it by pressing the X button on the controller.
  • Step 4: Go to Network Settings and enter it.
  • Step 5: Navigate to Media Server Connection and choose the “Enabled” option.
  • Step 6: If your Play Station is connected to the Internet via a modem, you’d need to disconnect that first.
  • Step 7: Then, select the Easy option and enter it.

Set up Your Computer (Laptop)

  • Step 1: Connect your computer to the Internet using any available means. Preferably a modem, Wi-Fi, or router directly connected to your computer.
  • Step 2: Go to the Start menu and navigate to Command Prompt. Right-click on it, then hover over the “more” section. Then, click on the “Run as administrator” option.
  • Step 3: When the command line opens, type netsh WLAN start hostednetwork, then press enter. That will turn on the computer’s hotspot.
  • Step 4: If you’ve not customized your computer’s hotspot before, you need to do that before anything else. So, type netsh WLAN set hostednetwork and press enter. Then, follow the instructions on the screen to set your computer’s hotspot.
  • Step 5: When you’ve done that, ensure to take note of your Wi-Fi Hotspot’s name.

Connecting Both Devices

  • Step 1:  On your Play Station 3, choose the Wireless option by pressing X.
  • Step 2:  Navigate to the WLAN Settings and enter it.
  • Step 3: It will take you to the next screen, where you’d see the list of available networks. Scroll over to the name of your WiFi network and enter it.
  • Step 4: When the prompt from the play station comes up, choose Security Settings.
  • Step 5:  On the keyboard that pops up on the screen, input your hotspot’s password, then proceeds.
  • Step 6: Review the settings and when you’re okay with it, proceed.
  • Step 7: The Test Connections dialogue will pop up when you’re done. Click on it to check how strong your connection is.

Follow these processes and understand better how to connect your ps3 to the Internet through Laptop wirelessly

How to Connect Ps3 to Internet through LAN

We’ve seen how you can wirelessly connect your PS3 to the Internet through your laptop. Now, let’s consider how to do so via a wired medium.

Setup Your Play Station 3

Step 1: Power Your Play Station 3

The first thing you need to do is power on your PS3 console.

Step 2: Connect the Ethernet to the PS3

After powering your computer, connect the Ethernet cable to the Play Station 3.

Step 3: Navigate to Settings

Scroll over to the Settings section and open it. It is displayed as a toolbox icon. Then, Scroll over to Network Settings and enter it. After that, locate the Internet Connection Settings and enter it.

Step 4: Navigate to Easy

When you have entered the Internet Connection Settings, it will demand the connection method; choose Easy. Then, the Play Station will automatically search for any established wired connection. But if you’ve not set up your laptop,

Setup Your Computer

On your laptop, you’d need to enable Network sharing to be able to share your Internet to your ps3.

Step 1: Launch the Control Panel

Open your Start menu and search for Control Panel, then open it.

Step 2: Search for Adapter

With the control panel center, click on the search bar, type Adapter, and search for it.

Step 3: Choose View Network Connection

Navigate to the Network and Sharing Center and enter the View Network Connections. Then, press and hold the Control key (CTRL) while selecting both an Ethernet connection and a Wifi Connection.

Step 4: Select Bridge Connections

After that, right-click on the highlighted list then, and then, from the dialogue, click on Bridge Connections.

Connect Your Play Station to Your Laptop

Step 1: Connect your PS3 to your Laptop

Connect the other end of the Ethernet (which is already connected to your play station) to the LAN port on your laptop. Ensure that it fits properly.

Step 2: Connect your Laptop to the Internet

When you have connected your laptop to your Play Station 3, you need to connect your laptop to the Internet to enable browsing. Then you can connect the computer to a Wi-Fi or USB modem to share the internet connection. Once you’re done connecting your computer to the Internet and connecting it to your PS3, you can now share the internet connection and browse on your Play Station.

By doing this, you can connect with Players online and compete with them. Let’s proceed.

If you’re interested in finding visual proof of what we’re saying, follow the steps below:

Why does my PS3 say the Ethernet cable is not connected?

Your PS3 will display “Ethernet Cable not Connected” for several reasons. Your network cable may be broken or not correctly connected. Other causes include the following:

An outdated version of the OS

This is a very common reason why your PS3 may not be able to detect your laptop connection. Check the wire for any breaks or damage on it. If you have an alternative LAN cable, connect it and try it again to confirm if the problem is from the cable.

Disconnected Cable

This is another familiar challenge with PS3-Laptop wired connections. Sometimes, the wire connecting both the PS3 and your computer may be disconnected or not correctly inserted. Therefore, try removing the Ethernet cable from the ports and replacing it.

Network Configurations

On your laptop, some system updates can affect the network settings, and when this does so, your PS3 can be affected. Check your Network configurations in your computer for any anomalies or if an error pops up on your computer. In that case, you will need to uninstall and reinstall your network adapter and test if that solves the problem.

This youtube link provides a short but detailed solution for the above challenges

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you still connect a PS3 to the Internet?

If you’re interested in joining the online community of PS3 gamers, you will need an internet connection, and most models provide a wireless feature for this. We say most because the 20GB kind of PS3 doesn’t allow this capability, but others do. So, you can connect your PS3 to the Internet via a wired (Ethernet cable) and a wireless medium (Wi-Fi).

Why did the PS3 have 3 Ethernet ports?

The Play Station 3 requires the Ethernet port to connect to a wired network, and only one port isn’t enough to facilitate this; neither are two. Although you can use only one port to connect to your LAN, the three network ports available make the connection faster and more seamless.

What does WPA key mean on Playstation 3?

WPA (Wi-Fi Protect Access) is a passcode unique to the wireless network to prevent intruders from joining the network and sharing the data and information passed around within the network. You can input a WiFi password to prevent your friends, family, and even strangers from connecting to your network. Thus, privacy and security.


In this guide, we’ve shown you How to Connect Ps3 to Internet through Laptop. Remember, you can make this connection through a Wired or Wireless medium; you can also do this yourself. Just ensure that you have the required tools to make this possible, such as an internet connection, an Ethernet cable, and a power supply.

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