Does Switching Out Of S Mode Slow Down Laptop?

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Nowadays, laptops have become a daily companion, especially for engineers, business people, and freelancers. Business or corporate agencies often opt for ultimate security, and that’s where the Windows S comes in. Windows S mainly focuses on safely storing your data by restricting downloads from any third-party source other than the Microsoft store.

However, if you desperately need to install software outside the Microsoft store, you can always switch to the basic windows operating system. But, does switching out of S mode slow down the laptop?

Well, if you want to keep to the bottom of this debate, carefully read through this article to improve your knowledge.

What is Windows S Mode On A Laptop?

S mode is a built-in feature introduced by Windows 10 which improves the security system in the laptop and increases the boot system.

What is Meant by S Mode In Laptop

After enabling this mode of operation, your laptop is protected from every outdoor software not linked with Microsoft. The only browser you will have access to is Microsoft Edge.

Recent inventions by Windows have also enabled many users to use antivirus programs. So, frequent Kaspersky or Norton is unnecessary, and you are saved from a huge burden.

S Mode in Windows 10

In 2017, Microsoft announced S mode to their Windows 10 operating system, which is a clean, secure, and compatible OS for low-end PCs. But what are the advantages of Windows S mode?

There are various reasons to use S mode on a Windows 10 PC, including:

  • It is secure because the security is limited to installing software only from the Microsoft store.
  • The streamline property gets rid of the booting performance of RAM and CPU.
  • After switching on this mode, every document you work on is automatically saved to OneDrive to create a good backup and free local storage in your drives.

It’s quite similar to any other windows OS, right? For Chromebooks, it’s similar to Google’s ChromeOS. Microsoft even created Windows 10 in S mode to run on ARM CPUs, so it should work on laptops that wouldn’t normally run Windows 10.

However, every excellent feature has a bright side and a dark side. S mode is no different, bringing some lacking to the PC. So, the next session will be about the advantages and disadvantages of using S mode in laptops.

Advantages of Windows S

According to the Windows 10 S FAQ, “the only antivirus software known to be compatible with Windows 10 in S mode is the version that comes with it.

Its benefit in keeping you secure is its interoperability, which, such as that of other OS, is maintained from head to toe by the maker.

Disadvantages of Windows S

As already mentioned, you can only install applications that are located in Microsoft Store. You might say you can get sufficient applications from their store. But as your needs grow, it is mandatory to get some software situated from many outside websites.

Especially for a graphic designer, S mode will come as a curse. This means there will be no Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, or Premiere. S mode does not read any third-party software in one line, so they will not interfere with your storage.

This includes web browsers, which for many people, is a deal-breaker. Edge is the only browser available in S mode, and Bing is the default search engine.

Even if Chrome or Firefox were installed on an S mode PC (neither is available in the Microsoft Store), they couldn’t be set as the default browser or changed as the default browser.

On another scale, you might be wondering why your laptop runs slow when not plugged in. This is an entirely different ball game from your PC running slow when switching out of S Mods. Whatever the case, just be sure of the issue you’re diagnosing, to effectively troubleshoot it.

How To Enable The S Mode On A Laptop?

Now that you know everything about S mode in Windows 10 OS, you may find this mode helpful. But do you know how to enable S mode on your PC? Fear not! We are here to carry you to the guidelines. Here it goes!

  • Open the menu bar and click on start.
  • Then go to Settings.
  • After you open the Settings window, click System.
  • Press the correct key on the mouse to look for more options.
  • After you find out many modes of operation for your PC, click on S mode and press on to enable the system.

S Mode- Does It Slow Down laptops?

As already mentioned, there has been a debate relating to this section; we will take a stand in this debate by many experienced reviews.

S Mode- Does It Slow Down laptops

A person whose profile name is given by Froggypwns says that enabling S mode doesn’t improve the speed of a PC, and it only protects you from installing all the software that might slow down the PC.

He also mentioned that the PC would run at its original speed after switching off S mode, not improving any booting performance.

Another review shows that even antivirus contributes to eating space in your RAM, which slows down the laptop, which is also beneficial to this site.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does S mode in Dell Laptop Works?

S mode does not depend on laptop brands. If your PC is accustomed to Windows 10 operating system, it is compatible with S mode, and it is your choice to enable or keep it disabled.

Does S Mode Protect from Viruses?

Yes! It does not allow any third-party application, so there is less chance of viruses attacking your OS.

Can We Browse on Chrome During S Mode?

No! The only browser that you will have access to is Microsoft Store.

Do We Need S Mode On Our Laptops?

If your application usage is limited to Microsoft Store, it is recommended to use S mode. Otherwise, you will face difficulties.

Does Windows 11 have S Mode?

Yes! After the invention of this cool feature in Windows 10, Microsoft decided to include this feature in every upcoming OS.

How to Turn on S Mode in Windows 11?

Fortunately, the steps to enabling S mode in Windows 10 and 11 are the same. So, go through the exact guideline for installing in 11.


Does switching out of S mode slow down the laptop? According to our article, the answer to this question is a bit diplomatic. Switching on S mode does not make your PC faster, but it has many advantages.

If you wish to disable S mode, it will take your PC’s performance back to its original state. So, in a verdict, S mode neither slows down nor boosts up your PC, but it sure has some benefits.

Therefore, the choice is yours!

I am a professional laptop and computer troubleshooter, tech editor who loves to talk about technology and software. My passion is electronics devices. Follow me on social media.

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