Is Razer A Good Brand? Everything You Need To Know!

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Do you often play games on your laptop or desktop? If you do, you must have heard of Razer. While most gamers agree that Razor lives up to its hype, there are those who seem to disagree as well. Now the question is, is Razer a good brand?

Well, despite the high amount of controversies, Razer is a very good brand. It manufactures both laptops and hardwares. However, there is a catch to this. Everything that Razer manufactures is specifically used for gaming. Therefore, every product is premium and expensive.

While Razer electronics are highly expensive, there is more to it than what meets the eye.

Well then, keep up with us and read on so that you can decide on the verdict by yourself.

Razer- A Brief Outlook Into Its History

Razer isn’t one of those old generation powerhouses that have been in the industry for decades. It was first created in 2015 in San Diego, California by two partners Min-Liang Tan and Robert Krakoff.

Is Razer A Good Brand

Their goal was to create a brand that would cater solely to gamers. In a way, Razer was the equivalent of Apple to the mobile phone industry.

Even though the company was founded in 2015, Razer went public in 2017. Currently, the brand sells everything starting from laptops to other gaming accessories like headphones, mice, trackpads, keyboards, coolers, etc.

Are Razer Products Good? (Explained)

Although the laptops from Razer are the most reputed and highest sold electronics from the brand, they aren’t the only products. Below we have compiled a detailed overview of the product types that Razer sells as well as whether and why they are good.

Are Razer Gaming Mice good?

An interesting fact is that although Razer became a titan in the gaming industry with its flagship laptops, it started its business with elite mice. Although the first few mice were flawed, the device has been improved with the passage of time.

Are Razer Gaming Mice good

A second interesting fact is that their mice models have been constantly named after strange snakes and reptiles such as viper, serpent, basilisk, etc.

Currently, the most sought-after gaming mouse in the world is the Razer Wireless Gaming Mouse. Although it is a lot more expensive compared to other mice, the hyperspeed technology used in the system is definitely worth the price.

As a matter of fact, the Basilisk mouse is 25 percent faster than any other mouse in the world due to this very technology.

Are Razer Gaming Keyboards Good?

When it comes to keyboards there are hundreds of different models from Razer that you can choose from. Almost all of these keyboards are expensive, albeit excellent in quality.

However, if you are willing to look for a cheaper option, you should opt for ones that aren’t mechanical but instead standard.

Are Razer Gaming Keyboards Good

Most of the Razer keyboards tend to be manufactured with the Brighter Than Ever Transparent Switch Housing system. This increases the amount of transparency that you can feel from the keyboard while gaming.

These keyboards are perfect for immersing yourself perfectly into the world of gaming. In addition to the regular shaped keyboards, the mechanical ones also come in a mini-form that you can use to type into your television or other devices that can support a keyboard.

Are Razer Headphones Good?

Most gamers have a thing for Razer headphones. If you watch any E-sport tournament on YouTube, you will see that almost every competitor is wearing Razer brand headphones. This fact itself proves how good Razer headphones are.

Are Razer Headphones Good

While Razer mostly sells its wired ones, the wireless variants cannot be underestimated under any means. All of their headphones make use of 7.1 Surround Sound for a Positional Audio system for full gaming immersion.

Razer manufactures its headphones using high-grade leather which enhances the comfort zone for the wearer while ensuring that the sound quality is not hampered.

Additionally, their sympathetic manufacturing technology ensures that the headphone is light and your ears are comfy.

Are Razer Laptops Good?

Razer Laptops are, without any doubt, very good. They are one of the world’s best-selling laptop brands with the only competitor being Asus ROG.

Are Razer Laptops Good

The company fits the laptop together with the latest 8 core processor and flagship GPUs so that the laptop can run all games in ultra high quality even when background apps are running smoothly.

The best thing about Razer laptops is that they are extremely thin. Therefore you don’t need to worry about any form of portability issue while carrying the laptop wherever you want to go.

Razer 13 Ultrabook Gaming Laptop is officially the lightest gaming laptop to be created and sold in the world. While it is nowhere near cheap, the value the laptop provides is definitely worth the price.

The only fault with Razer gaming laptops is that they do not have a great screen resolution. The screen displays a moderate refresh rate, starting with 60 Hz at the minimum.

However, the screen quality might not be satisfactory if you are going to watch a film or make video content on your laptop.

Razer laptops are only made for gaming and nothing else. Although gamers might not mind this much, if you are looking for multi-purpose laptops, you might need to think twice before you decide to buy Razer laptops.

Why Is Razer A Good Brand?

Despite the controversy behind the brand, Razer is a good brand, as long as you can afford it. There are several reasons why the Razer brand has managed to make such a high reputation within the masses in such a short time.

Why Is Razer A Good Brand

Below we have compiled a list of some of these reasons that might be the reason behind the rise of Razer:


When it comes to quality, Razer doesn’t cut any corners. While this is the truth for most laptops, it isn’t the case for all devices.

For instance, some of the mice produced over the years have been manufactured with flimsy structures and faulty wiring.

In addition, the screen quality of the laptops has also been found to be not up to par with other competitors’ laptops.

These are the main reasons why there are several controversies regarding the brand.

If you count these exceptions out, Razer has been providing laptops with great quality since the day it was found.


The best thing about Razer is the external service that it provides along with the appliances. The company makes use of web pages to give the best service possible to its customers.

Additionally, the Razer gold and silver services increase the competitiveness among gamers by providing gifts based on points attained.

Brand Recognition

We have already mentioned that Razer is pretty similar to Apple when it comes to the brand name. Razer has the motto of “For gamers by gamers”. This is the motto that the founders of the company created to market the brand.

A precise customer delivery, i.e. meeting the demands of the customer, along with the unique designs behind its products is the very reason why Razer has managed to gain so much recognition among gamers.

Razer laptops have also been awarded the “best gaming laptop” for the last 8 years.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

How Much GPU Does Razer Put in Their Laptops?

Razer manufactures gaming laptops only. Therefore, they are pretty generous when it comes to stopping the dedicated GPU inside their laptop. They mostly use NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphics and AMD Radeon VII graphics on their laptops.

Most of these GPUs built inside the laptops tend to be at least 6 GB in the minimum. Of course, modern laptops have far greater GPU specs.

Is Razer A Luxury Brand?

Yes, Razer is a luxury brand. Each of the products that they make is uncannily attractive with unique designs and is sold at outrageous prices.

Of course, the value provided for the products is worth the money. That’s why Razer is a luxury brand.


Well, that’s all there’s to it, people. Now that you’ve got a comprehensive answer to this question, is Razer a good brand?

Our verdict is that Razer is of course a good brand. There might be some flaws since the laptops aren’t fit to be multi-purpose.

However, most of the devices that are built-in modern times are designed to be as perfect as possible, especially for gaming.

While that is our unbiased opinion, you might have drawn your conclusion to this matter. You are more than welcome to share your opinion with us and close the case.

I am a professional laptop and computer troubleshooter, tech editor who loves to talk about technology and software. My passion is electronics devices. Follow me on social media.

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