How Much Does A Laptop Weigh? (Answered And Explained)

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If you look around, you’ll see the world has advanced and is advancing in every second and the core example of it is laptops. That’s cool, right?

Well, it’s beyond saying that a laptop is a basic need nowadays. We prefer to bring our laptops with us everywhere — from school to work to vacations. That’s why, one of the most crucial aspects to consider is weight and oftentimes one question comes up from the people is, how much does a laptop weigh?

To put it simply, though the answer to this question varies from laptop to laptop, it generally weighs between 2 and 8 pounds. Mind you, considering the weight, laptops are divided into five parts: Ultrabook/Chromebook, Ultraportable, Thin and Light, Desktop Replacement, and Luggables.

But wait! This is not the end of the discussion. In this article, we are going to go over the above five categories in full detail. So, without further ado, let’s go through the whole article till the very end!

A More In-Depth Look into Laptop Weight

We anticipate that when it comes to purchasing your next laptop, weight will influence your decision. Nevertheless, in this case, recognizing the weight differences is critical.

A More In-Depth Look into Laptop Weight

Thus, let’s get into the details:


Intel brought this to the market and this name is used for their laptops. Well, these laptops are the lightest and tiniest and weigh only 2-3 pounds, which has put them at the top of the portability list.

It functions on Chrome OS. As the trend runs behind lightweight laptops, Chromebook/ Ultrabook is exactly what people are looking for.

However, since small weight means smaller screen size, it might not be for people who want big screen size.


By looking at the name, you can already tell what kind of laptop it is. They are extremely light and only weigh 2.5 pounds. That’s incredible, huh?

Plus, they’re also whisper-quiet, and they can even be used with a pen if that’s what you’d like to explore.

There are a few laptops that fit under this area: HP EliteBook, Apple Macbook Air, Acer Swift 7, and HP specter Folio.

Thin and Light:

Thin and light laptops are not as light as ultrabook or ultraportable but still stand among the best portable laptops in the market. They weigh slightly more than the above two which is 3-6 pounds.

Also, they are perfect for keeping on an office desk such as the 13′ Apple MacBook Pro, Dell XPS 15, Microsoft Surface Book 2 13.5′, Google Pixelbook, and Lenovo Yoga 920.

Desktop Replacement:

Because this laptop weighs more than 4 pounds, it is less portable. People who desire a laptop with the power of a desktop might choose this model, which includes an additional fan for greater heat dissipation. You might also want to know if a laptop is considered a PC.


These are a very uncommon type of laptop as it weighs more than 15lbs. So, if you are looking for portable laptops, these are not for you.

Does Weight Really Matter?

Well, laptops are meant to add comfort to your life and if you travel often and carry your laptop with you, you probably know how much weight actually matters.

Plus, you are buying a laptop instead of a desktop so that you can carry it everywhere, right?

Also, you must be aware of the additional weight that a laptop adds to your load. Manufacturers sometimes include how much extra weight you’ll need to carry, such as a charger, adaptor, or attachable media, which alters the amount of weight.

That’s why you need to always look for lighter-weight laptops. Would you really want to carry a huge bag to your office or to your travel destination which might give you a shoulder ache. No, right?

What Changes the Weight of a Laptop?

You must be wondering this a lot: what changes the weight of my laptop? Let us break it down for you. Your laptop is not just what you see; there are many more components that contribute to changing the weight.

What Changes the Weight of a Laptop?

Remember, your weight will keep changing depending on the features of your laptop. Let’s say, you have got a gaming laptop that needs more power, so it will need a bigger fan for the heat it produces; makes sense? In addition, for more power, it might also need a larger battery to last longer.

Nowadays, manufacturers stopped giving CD/DVD drives to the laptop and also minimized the number of ports. As a result, they get the ability to produce more lightweight laptops.

Upon hearing this, don’t be sad because if you feel the need for these drives or ports, you can additionally add them to your laptop anytime. Isn’t that nice to hear?

How Will You Select the Best Laptop For You?

I bet this question has crossed your mind a lot of times. This is the easiest possible way you can select the best laptop for you. Just close your eyes and ask yourself a few questions.

First off, what you need for yourself, and secondly, what functions you want your laptop to provide you.

So, if you want to use it regularly and you also want a travel-friendly laptop, then you might want to go for something lightweight.

On the other hand, if you have a desk job, you probably want the charge of your laptop to last longer which needs a larger battery and you know the drill. A larger battery means more weight.

What this refers to is that the ideal laptop for you is determined by your preferences, lifestyle, and goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does a 15 Inch Laptop Weigh?

It weighs a minimum of 5.2 pounds and a maximum of 6 pounds. A 15-inch laptop, with all the extra weight it carries, isn’t going to be very portable for you.

How Much Does an HP Laptop Weigh in Kg?

If we break down the specification of an HP laptop for you, it will start to weigh somewhere around 2.04kg(4.5lbs).

Is a 5lb Laptop Too Heavy?

A laptop that weighs less than 5 pounds is not considered heavy, but anything that weighs more than 5 pounds is considered heavy. Any 13- or 14-inch laptop should not weigh more than 5 pounds. As a result, a 5lb laptop might be a good choice for you.

How Heavy is a Dell Laptop?

The answer to this question is not straightforward as the weight of a Dell laptop varies. The best lightweight laptops from Dell are Dell Latitude 7389 2-in-1(3.03 pounds), Dell Latitude 7389 2-in-1(3.15 pounds), Dell Chromebook 3189(3.2 pounds), and lastly Dell Latitude 5280(3.2 pounds).


Well, there you have it, people. We are glad you have come up to the end of this article and by now, you must have got a proper idea of this question, how much does a laptop weigh? and what the other things are that you should consider while getting your desired laptop.

Our main motive was to educate you and not let you waste any of your precious money on something which you might regret later. We hope you get the best laptop for you, best of luck!

I am a professional laptop and computer troubleshooter, tech editor who loves to talk about technology and software. My passion is electronics devices. Follow me on social media.

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